Winter olympics 2018 snowboarding half-pipe women

Snowboarding half-pipe women

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ladies halfpipe final run 3

Chole Kim:gold

Jiayu Liu:silver

Arielle Gold:bronze

Chole Kim age:17 country:united states Jiayu Liu age:25 country:china Arielle Gold age:21 country:united states
  1. China Repulic
  2. United States

Snowboarding combines elements of surfing,skateboarding and skiing,The contestents have to perform jumps,rotations and twists in the air and to win,you have to get the highest score after the athletes perform twice

    Top 10 contenders

  1. Chole Kim
  2. Jiayu Liu
  3. Arielle Gold
  4. Kelly Clark
  5. Cai Xuetong
  6. Haruna Matsumoto
  7. Queralt Castellet
  8. Sena Tomita
  9. Mirabelle Thovex
  10. Sophie Rodriguez

Chole Kim got a gold medal

Jiayu Liu got a silver medal

Arielle Gold got a bronze medal

Chole Kim

Jiayu Liu

Arielle Gold